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Hello there! Let’s talk about Librem Social.

Librem Social is a social network. Think Twitter… if Twitter respected your privacy and didn’t advertise to you.

Librem Social is part of Librem One, the suite of privacy-protecting, no-tracking apps and services created by our team at Purism. Librem One currently includes Librem Mail, Librem Chat, Librem Tunnel, and Librem Social.

Over 2,000,000+ people. Ready to follow.

Librem Social is part of a network of social network servers already boasting over 2,000,000 users!

Two Million!

Follow friends. Make new ones. Share stories, pictures, and videos with them. Librem One is ready and growing. Fast.

Librem Social

Opt-In, No Ads, No Tracking

One of Librem Social’s most important features is that, unlike all other social hosts, it is entirely opt-in. You only see posts from people you want to follow.

This means you are not force-fed an unrelenting stream of manipulated content specifically targeting you. No way, no how. Not on Librem One. On Librem One you see the posts from the people you want to see posts from – your friends, family, news sites and favorite celebrities. And that’s it. If you want, you can search for posts from across the Fediverse (more on that later).

We also do not advertise to you. Not at all.

Which means we have no reason to track you. Simple, right?

Available Wherever You Are

Librem One is accessible via:

What Technology Does Librem Social Use?

Librem Social is proudly built on Mastodon, part of what is known as “The Fediverse”, as well as many other Free Software projects that we actively work with and contribute to.

The Fediverse is the decentralized replacement to MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, Google+, Twitter and Facebook (can you spot the trend?). The Fediverse already exists, and it is growing. What makes the Fediverse different to its forebears is that it has no central domain – not even a central service. It’s composed of lots of services, all of them speaking (mostly) the same protocol, known as ActivityPub.

Fediverse developers are currently working on replacements for things we know (shout out to PixelFed!) and other things we can only dream of (shout out to Spritely!). When they do arrive, we can yell out a stretch goal, apply some elbow grease… and once we’re done you can start following them, breaking the cycle of needing a new account to join your friends on whatever’s hot right now.

Public service announcement:

As well as a purely opt-in workflow, we have another very distinguishing feature – that everything on Librem Social is public. Everything. Who you follow, who follows you, your announcements and your replies.

Why? Well, for two major reasons:

Because valuing your privacy doesn’t mean staying indoors with the curtains closed all day. Sometimes you want to go out, socialize, catch up on news – and share your own.

At the same time, you don’t want to blurt out something personal just because there’s a lull in the conversation (it happens). That’s what private chat is for. Librem Social is designed in the context of a service bundle, so you know what tool to use for the right job, with no oopsies – and, more importantly, with none of your personal details on our server.

What if… I don’t like what I see?

We don’t control the content of search results. If you are concerned, please read our quick guide to staying safe online. If you see something illegal, please report it to the relevant authorities, as they are best equipped to handle illegal content. If you are being harassed, or witness online harassment, block and flag the offending user and a moderator will take action. We do not tolerate harassment. This is an area of well-established rights, Librem Social is built on and with the expert policies of ACLU, FSF, and EFF, while avoiding the pitfalls of ham-fisted censorship we all dislike from Big Tech.

We are very pleased to see so many people socializing already. If you want to follow us, or ping us with your thoughts, our Librem Social / Fediverse address is @purism@librem.one – and you are always welcome!


Purism offers high-quality privacy, security, and freedom-focused computers, phones, and software. Our platform is meant to empower everyone. We believe people should have secure devices and services that protect them rather than exploit them, and we provide everything you need in a convenient product bundle.

We like to give back. Librem Chat is built with free software, created by security and privacy experts. Learn more about how Purism contributes to its community.

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