Librem 14s shipping today are already running the latest and greatest EC firmware. For those that already have their Librem 14, keeping your Librem EC firmware updated is simple with our ISO upgrade methodStill, for those needing to recover or test development EC builds, this video will explain how to upgrade your EC with a chip programmer.

To get going, you’ll need:

  • CH341A spi chip programmer (Supplying 3.3v)
  • SOIC8 clip (Often sold together with the programmer.)
  • Screwdriver (To open the Librem 14)
  • Separate PureOS or Debian computer (As your Librem 14 will be offline for the upgrade)

Remove any external power.

Unscrew and remove the backplate.

Unplug the battery from the motherboard.

Carefully remove the Wifi module.

Assemble a CH341a programmer.

Attach a chip clip, making sure to line up pin 1 with the red strip

Locate the depression on the SPI chip; this indicates where pin 1 is.

Attach the chip clip making sure to align the red strip again.

Attach to the programmer to a PureOS computer.

From the terminal, install flalshrom.

sudo apt install flashrom

This command will check everything is connected properly.

sudo flashrom -p ch341a_spi

Download the latest EC firmware from our releases repository and extract the ROM file.

To begin the flash, run this command, pointing at the file you just extracted.

sudo flashrom -p ch341a_spi -w /home/username/Downloads/ec-1.5_2021-10-28.rom

This should take about 20 seconds to complete. If all goes well, you should see this message.

After a successful flash, unplug the chip programmer.

Once unplugged from the computer, remove the clip from the chip.

To boot your Librem, reattach your Wifi module, then attach the battery and screw the backplate back on.

Your Librem 14 should now be running the latest EC firmware.

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