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In our last Librem Mini Update we mentioned that the hardware should be arriving around the end of May and we’re happy to announce that our estimates were mostly on track: we received the first Librem Mini batch a bit over a week ago!

In parallel we have been working hard to port coreboot to the Librem Mini like we’ve done with the Librem 13, Librem 15, and Librem Server. We were hoping the timing would work out so that we would be done before the hardware arrived or at least within a few days of the arrival. Unfortunately we need a little more time to finish the firmware and right now we are just waiting to complete the porting process.

Once coreboot is done we will be able to start shipping to all of our backers immediately. We’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress including when we will start shipping, which will hopefully be very soon. We are really excited about the Librem Mini so expect to see more posts on the potential of this hardware in the coming weeks.

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