Access to the smart card reader on the Librem 5 is something we at Purism have been looking forward to for a long time. That day is finally here; those who have their Librem 5 can follow this guide to set up access to the smart card. Orders shipping soon will come with the card reader already setup.

If you need to set up your smart card reader, these are the steps to enable it:

sudo apt install stm32flash git

Download the scripts:

git clone

Change working directory to our newly downloaded folder.

cd ttxs-firmware

Upgrade the smart card reader firmware:


And set up the smart card:


A more detailed version of these steps can be found here. OpenPGP cards are available for purchase in our shop.

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Purism believes building the Librem 5 is just one step on the road to launching a digital rights movement, where we—the-people stand up for our digital rights, where we place the control of your data and your family’s data back where it belongs: in your own hands.

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