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Todd Weaver

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Todd Weaver

Please sign below, allowing Purism to provide this petition to our Intel Partner Account Manager that users want an “ME-less” CPU. “ME-less” is a defined term from within Intel created when discussing with Purism the need to have a CPU without the Management Engine (ME).

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We, the users of Intel CPUs, petition Intel to release an “ME-less” CPU design for future CPUs.

Intel’s Management Engine (ME) is a threat to users’ digital rights. It is an unreadable binary file that is cryptographically signed by Intel, requiring users to compromise their security, privacy, and freedom because users must execute unknown and unverifiable code on the CPU.

I, the undersigned, request that Intel either release the source code under a free software license – allowing users to sign their own Management Engine, or that Intel release an “ME-less” CPU design for their CPUs.

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