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Following up on our report for Linux 5.9 and 5.10, this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.11 development cycle.

Librem 5 and Devkit updates

In order to maintain support for the devkit and the phone, we continuously update the mainline default configuration:

Power management

The mainline solution to dynamically scale internal bus frequencies relies on the interconnect (and devfreq) framework. We found a small piece that has been missing for imx8mq:

Librem 5 LCD panel

The display panel driver saw some minor updates:

Librem 5 fuel gauge

With the experience with using the phone for the last couple of months, we could improve the battery fuel gauge driver a bit:

Librem 5 USB Type-C and PD controller

Our work to make sure we can properly charge the phone and use its Type-C feature like Displayport resulted in the following additions during this development period:

Other additions and fixes

Equally important are the changes to a regulator device that allow one to turn off the GPU regulator, to the mxsfb display driver and to the etnaviv GPU driver. Read the commit messages for more details.

Code review

During these rounds, we contributed 6 Reviewed-by: or Tested-by: tags to patches by other authors. We would also like to thank everybody who reviewed our patches and helped us support the hardware in mainline Linux.


Have a look at our Linux tree to see what is currently being worked on and tested (or help if you feel like joining the fun).

Discover the Librem 5

Purism believes building the Librem 5 is just one step on the road to launching a digital rights movement, where we—the-people stand up for our digital rights, where we place the control of your data and your family’s data back where it belongs: in your own hands.

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