Following up on our report for Linux 5.12 this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.13 development cycle. This summary is only about code flowing upstream.

Librem 5 and Devkit updates

In order to maintain support for the devkit and the phone, we continuously update the mainline hardware description and default configuration.

Librem 5 USB-C

We continuously work on improving the external Type-C USB port. For debugging, we added trace events. For example to record the power_status event, run trace-cmd record -o ~/trace.dat -e tps6598x_power_status and inspect it after (un)plugging USB-C power: trace-cmd report -i ~/trace.dat. That way, you get insight into the device on the running system in real-time. To read more about tracing, see lwn articles or the kernel documentation.

Other additions and fixes

Code review

During this round, we contributed only 1 Reviewed-by: or Tested-by: tag to patches by other authors. This is partly due to the focus on patches to our own hardware descriptions. Again we would like to thank everybody who reviewed our patches and helped us support the hardware in mainline Linux – especially Shawn and Krzysztof from the arm64 dts area.


Have a look at our Linux tree to see what is currently being worked on and tested (or help if you feel like joining the fun).

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