Purism contributes to several free software projects such as GNOME, wlroots and Debian.

We’re especially proud of our kernel contributions – where 13 patches have made it into 5.1. Since this is our first installment, it also includes the changes that went into 5.0 and 4.20. Bellow is a list of our most recent contributions.

Let’s start with support for the Librem5 dev kit’s charge controller:

SDMA fix for i.MX8mq [needed for SAI (audio)]:

Support for the Librem5 dev kit’s touch screen:

Finally, here are some miscellaneous i.MX8-related fixes and device tree additions:

We also contributed Tested-by and Reviewed-by to five patches.

There’s more to come for the 5.2 kernel, as there are 14 patches staged in linux-next already, and we have gotten some friendly reviews for other parts. Stay tuned for more details getting us closer to make the Librem5 dev kit bootable with a mainline kernel, and many thanks to all the reviewers!

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