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GUADEC 2019 took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, and some of Purism’s team members were there. This year’s program was excellent, with plenty of interesting presentations; among them, Tobias Bernard’s talk about adaptive patterns and GNOME apps that work well across different form factors, from phones to desktops. Below is a video of his talk, which we think you should really watch when you have a chance–and here are the slides.

One of the main themes of the talks was around containerized applications and the security involved. We learned about punching holes through flatpaks, with portals to provide the flatpak with temporary access to a service, and how to better secure multi-process flatpak applications with bubblewrap.

And after busy days of talks, we found the time to relax and casually chat at the picnic hosted at beautiful Platanakia:

Purism team members at GUADEC
Heather Ellsworth, François Téchené, Julian Sparber, Bob Ham, Tobias Bernard and Adrien Plazas

There were also a few meals, involving food, drinks and some interesting discussions about possible software ethics rating systems encouraging ethical practices like encryption, discouraging unethical ones like tracking.

Heather, Adrien, Bob, François, Tobias and Julian sitting outside a restaurant
From left to right, Heather, with Adrien and Bob in the back; in the front row and also from left to right are François, Tobias and Julian


Purism team members sitting around a dinner table at a restaurant
The one where we invited the little hacker-in-training

Finally, after attending GUADEC talks and BoFs (and the occasional picnic), we went to the beach on Wednesday; we even have a picture, so you can see it really did happen…

Beach near Thessaloniki

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