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2022 has been a phenomenal year, full of ups and downs (thankfully more ups than down!). For Purism, we have seen several milestones, none of which could have been possible without the support of our team, customers, supporters and investors. I am writing this post to highlight the three major achievements in the past year, from the marketing team’s perspective.

From thinking about ethical marketing to putting it at the center of our impact

Is it enough to produce “goods”? What about “being good” especially when we promote ourselves to others? President of Purism, Kyle Rankin shared the internal discussions we were having as we looked to expand our marketing efforts beyond what we’d done in the past, in the blog post,  “Is Ethical Advertising Possible?”.  We received wonderful response from our audiences, and crystallized all the thoughts through our Ethical Marketing Principles. To us, this means staying true to our Digital Bill of Rights, and our social purpose to respect our users.

  • Respecting User Privacy
  • Respecting User Anonymity
  • Respecting User Preferences
  • Deleting Data (instead of hoarding it)
  • Respecting Transparency
  • Respecting User Rights

Our efforts to support US manufacturing was featured in a CNBC 

A recent documentary, by CNBC. “How China Came to Dominate the US in Smartphone Manufacturing“, dove deeper into phone supply chains. Phone manufacturing has not left the USA, how Purism is producing Librem 5 USA,  “the only phone Made in the USA”. You can watch the video here and read a detailed coverage here.

Restarting in-person outreach through events

2022 also marked the year when we restarted our outreach via live, in-person events. Various team members delivered talks and represented Purism at global events. These included:


In 2023, we just wrapped up our interactions and demos at CES in Las Vegas, USA. The Purism team featured the power of the open source software ecosystem combined with secure hardware. The team showcased Librem 14 laptopsLibrem 5 phones and the Librem 5 USA, the only phone with Made in USA electronics. All these devices are built with consumers’ security and privacy in mind.

You make a world of difference

Your feedback, questions and interactions all help us to improve. We regularly add how-to videos (like this one about Librem 14 boot firmware), detailed product videos and previews. We strive to educate our customers, users and supporters better about how they can be part of solution: a better technological world that respects its users’ digital rights.

Together, in 2023 and beyond, we’ll work toward better communication with more people who care about security, privacy and digital rights. We will continue to come up with newer and better offers and promotions that give a chance for more people to use our products.

Thank you for your support in this journey!

I am filled with renewed hope for 2023. The team is busy and full of great ideas to grow Purism’s impact. We would love to hear more about how you can help spread the word about Purism’s mission at feedback@puri.sm.

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