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Everywhere you look, prices are going up. The ongoing supply chain woes over the past two years have affected us too, and as chip and component prices go up, it’s meant we’ve had to raise some prices as well. Yet supply and demand work both ways: as our own costs go down, we want to pass those savings on to our customers.

We recently announced that we have invested heavily to move away from “Just In Time” approaches in favor of maintaining much more stock in our warehouse. The first product to get the benefit of this new approach is the Librem 14. This new approach allows us to absorb any disruptions in the Librem 14 supply chain, but it also provided us another benefit: it lowered our costs. Now that Librem 14 is well-stocked we revisited the pricing and found we could knock the price back down to Librem 13 levels.

Starting today the base price for the Librem 14 is $1399 while these supplies last. As always we will revisit our pricing from time to time and make adjustments up or down based on changes in our own supply chain. As a reminder, starting in March we will be increasing the Librem 5 base price to $1299 to attempt to address the increasing costs throughout that supply chain.

We are grateful for everyone who has already purchased a Librem 14–our dream laptop–and if you have been on the fence, now’s a great time to get one of your own!

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