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For those looking for a privacy-focused cellular service in the United States, Purism has launched another option in its suite of privacy-first cellular plans. With other big telecom providers, phone data does not stay private; it’s collected, linked with a person’s identity, and sold to advertisers. With Purism’s cellular services users can get peace of mind and protect their data privacy while on the go.

The newly launched plan, “SIMple Plus”, provides subscribers with 4G high speed internet with a 3 GB monthly data limit and a $59/month price. Additionally, they can send texts globally to over 160 countries at no extra cost. The plan is designed especially for those who are interested in the SIMple plan, but would like a higher data cap.

Founder and CEO of Purism, Todd Weaver elaborates on the need, “Due to the popularity of the Librem AweSIM service, where Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is not shared with any cellular carriers, fully protecting the privacy of the user from big telecom. We have added another pricing tier to maximize coverage of service offerings to the rapidly expanding user base.”

In October 2020, Purism launched AweSIM with unlimited talk, text, and data for $99/month fully unlimited prepaid plan. Subscribers can enjoy video streaming, high-speed 4G/4G-LTE data, Roaming is included at no additional cost within the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

In March 2022, Purism introduced its most affordable plan, SIMple with 1 GB high speed data, unlimited talk and text for $39 a month. Based on popular demand, SIMple Plus offers data limit to 3 GB, for $59 a month.


Currently, Purism’s prepaid plans are offered to customers in the US. Subscribers can get started on Purism’s cellular plans with a Librem 5 phone or any unlocked GSM phone. AweSIM data plan may be throttled if more than 20GB of data is used in a month. With AweSIM, SIMple and SIMple Plus, users can expect excellent coverage and data protection by default.

Purism Products and Availability Chart

 ModelStatusLead Time 
USB Security Token Purism Librem KeyLibrem Key

(Made in USA)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 COMSEC BundleIn Stock
Qty 2; 3GB/32GB
10 business days
Purism Liberty Phone with Made in USA ElectronicsLiberty Phone
(Made in USA Electronics)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 + SIMple
(3 GB Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 + SIMple Plus
(5 GB Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 + AweSIM
(Unlimited Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 11In Stock
10 business days
Most Secure Laptop Purism Librem 14Librem 14In Stock
10 business days
Most Secure PC Purism Librem Mini
Librem MiniJuly 2024
45 business days
Most Secure Server Purism Librem ServersLibrem ServerIn Stock
45 business days
The current product and shipping chart of Purism products, updated on July 16th, 2024

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