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Calls, Chatty, Phosh, Phoc and Squeekboard started their band in a somewhat long gone gitea instance. They had little infrastructure to rely on and mostly borrowed equipment from here and there but they had a line up:

  • Calls: vocals
  • Chatty: vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Phosh: bass guitar
  • Squeekboard: synthesizer / keyboard
  • Phoc: drums
Phosh from 05/29/2018

and a rough idea what they wanted to play but barely knew more than three chord and a 4/4 beat. They kept practicing and moved into a drier more comfortable garage for practising on Purism’s gitlab – close buddies like wlroots liked to stick around during their sessions and party out but that’s a different story.They soon got their first gig in PureOS with a short playlist but the audience was freaking out. So they continued to play gigs, got better over time and even played shows in pmOS and Mobian and other spots. While that was all going nicely, Calls always wanted to hang around with the other rock stars in GNOME core, do a solo album and participate in the GNOME 41 all stars project so it moved in with the GNOME folks.

Phosh from 12/10/2021

She started to miss the rest of the band though, so she asked them to move over too. But since those are shy folks they were afraid to hang out with all the other rock stars and hence moved next door so they can hang out and jam together whenever they want. They still play their regular shows in PureOS of course.

Last one missing is chatty which will hopefully join them again soon

So all of Librem5’s core apps moved to GNOME infrastructure – some in core and some in World – which is great for better collaboration with the GNOME project and integrating into the rest of the stack.

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