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Todd Weaver

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Todd Weaver

The Librem 13 units have been shipping out incrementally while we work on our logistics, with one published review. The bulk shipments of Librem 13 units to backers will be leaving our factory this week. We extended the bulk shipments to try to improve the OS install process. Previously any non Ubuntu based distribution had to ship with a preconfigured username/password, which defeats the purpose of allowing users control. We have chosen an approach where we do a factory install of PureOS 2.0 onto the end of the drive, allowing for a preseeded install upon first boot by users. This ensures proper user configuration, encryption, and password settings, reaching the goal of users controlling their device. This gets the added benefit of being able to reinstall, or even boot it as a live image. The earliest backers who have not yet received their Librem 13 should expect their shipping confirmation this week. The later backers should expect mid to late December.

The Librem 15 rev2 units are shipping in phases, 10pcs light gray 1080p (already shipping), then another 10pcs light gray 1080p (within two weeks), then 20pcs light gray 1080p (that have the new location of the hardware kill switches on the side), and finally the remainder dark gray with hardware kill switches on the side (manufactured on the motherboard). Early backers whom have not already received shipping confirmation should expect that within two weeks. Later backers should expect mid to late December.

All Librem 15 rev2 units in dark gray will come with 4k screens, since it was causing difficulty to do both 1080p and 4k. All future orders will be 4k.

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