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Guido Günther

Guido Günther

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Guido Günther

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Let’s take a look at what the Librem 5 software team were busy with in March 2020 (weeks 10-13). Some items are covered in more detail in separate blog posts at The idea is to summarize the coding and design efforts for the month and showcase how we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Reusing existing free software allows contributions to flow back and forth between communities. These reports are usually rather link heavy pointing to individual merge requests on or upstream (e.g. GNOME’s gitlab).

Adaptive Apps

This section features improvements on adaptive apps and the underlying GTK based widget library libhandy:

Phone Calls

Calls, our phone calls app, saw some visual improvements and internal rework:

Short and instant messaging

Chats (aka Chatty) handles SMS and instant messaging via XMPP. It has experimental support for various other formats via libpurple. The team spent a lot of time refactoring the internal and user facing parts of Chats:

Compositor and Shell

This section highlights progress in the graphical shell (phosh) and its wlroots based compositor phoc:




On-Screen Keyboard

Gnome Control Center (Settings) / GNOME Settings daemon

System-Level integration

Linux Kernel

The process of upstreaming our Linux kernel work is covered in a separate report. The current one is for Linux 5.5 and 5.6 so this is about downstream improvements:


The developer documentation saw several updates:

Visual Design

The visual design section shows progress on mockups that might get implemented eventually but it also has news on new and updated icons and other related artwork:


If you made it down here and want to start contributing join us on matrix. We certainly welcome patches and issue comments on If you want to grab an issue and can’t think of a particular problem check the easy and helpwanted tags in our GitLab instance. See you next month.

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