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Are you attending FOSDEM next week-end? So are we! Join us in this massive Free Software event in Brussels on February 3rd and 4th and ask us anything!

Members of the Purism design team, Librem 5 development team, and PureOS developers will be meeting up and walking around the event, namely: François, Predrag (Peter), Jeff, Nicole, Dorota, Guido, Adrien, Matthias and Zlatan will all be on-site. You can check out what they look like on our team page. Come and say hi!

Jeff and François will be dedicated to answering your questions (in English or French!) and will be walking around the venue wearing clearly identifiable polo shirts, like this:

They will also be carrying our all new information booklet summarizing our approaches to security, freedom, and the goals behind our products such as the Librem 5. Feel free to take one!

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