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Hello again. Following up on our report for the Linux 5.1 kernel, here’s a list of contributions for the Linux 5.2 kernel cycle, for which our team recently contributed with 14 patches–including a new driver for the Librem 5 devkit’s panel:

Support for the Librem 5 devkit’s proximity and light sensor

The following series of patches added support to the devkit’s VCNL4040 proximity and light sensor, the VCNL4000 driver:

Support for the imx8MQs thermal management unit

In this case, the driver was already there–but the device tree needed quite a few additions to enable the TMU:

Support for the Librem 5 devkit’s LCD panel

This series of patches added a new DRM panel driver to the devkit’s LCD panel:

DMA related fixes

Here are several SDMA-related fixes, which are important when it comes to sound:

DSI related fixes

Finally, a clock addition, in preparation for DSI support:

We have also contributed with two reviews to already published patches.

That’s it for today, many thanks to all the reviewers so far—and do stay tuned, there’s more to come for the 5.3!

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