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This is another incarnation of the software development progress for the Librem 5. This time for July and August 2020 (weeks 27-35).

Some items are covered in more detail in separate blog posts at The idea of this summary is so you can have a closer look at the coding and design side of things. It also shows how much we’re standing on the shoulders of giants reusing existing software and how contributions are flowing back and forth between upstream and downstream projects. This quickly gets interesting since we’re upstream for some projects (e.g. calls, phosh, chatty) and downstream for others (e.g Debian, Linux kernel, GNOME). So these reports are usually rather link heavy pointing to individual merge requests on or to the upstream side (like e.g. GNOME’s gitlab).

New software releases have an extra section so if you’re using phosh, squeekbord, phoc, chatty, etc. outside of PureOS this section might be worth a quick look.

Adaptive Apps

This section features improvements on adaptive apps, GTK, and underlying GTK based widget libraries like libhandy:

Short and instant messaging

Chats (aka Chatty) handles SMS via ModemManager and instant messaging via XMPP. It has experimental support for various other formats via libpurple. Sadiq’s cleanups and bug fixes continued during July and August:

purple-mm-sms plugin

Purple-mm-sms is a libpuruple plugin to handle SMS via ModemManager:

Phone Calls

Calls (the app handling phone calls) saw many translation updates by Yuri Chornoivan, Tim Sabsch, Marc Riera, Scootergrisen, Balázs Meskó, Daniel Șerbănescu and Emin Tufan Çetin but there were improvements on the code side:

Compositor and Shell

This section highlights progress in Librem 5’s GTK based graphical shell named Phosh and its wlroots based compositor Phoc as well as the on-screen keyboard Squeekboard:





Gnome Control Center (Settings) / GNOME Settings daemon


Librem5 Base

The librem5-base and the librem5-devkit-tools package contains configuration data and meta-packages that pull in the needed software:


Feedbackd is responsible for haptic, audio and LED-based feedback:

Linux Kernel

The process of upstreaming our Linux kernel work progress is covered in a separate report. The current one is for Linux 5.7 and the next one will be about 5.9 since there’s not much to report for 5.8. This section mostly about downstream improvements:



Build Infrastructure

Unsorted upstream fixes


These were the releases during August and September for projects we’re upstream:


Updated packages in PureOS to improve things for phone usage:

  • ModemManager got updated to 1.14 along with its companion libqmi which moved to 1.26
  • Plymouth got updated to 0.9.4 for all of PureOS to fix some issues when setting the default theme
  • iio-sensor-proxy got an update to 3.0 to get all the proximity sensor changes we added upstream
  • mesa got updated to 20.1.5 getting us way closer to upstream and picking up many etnaviv related fixes
  • SuperTuxKart 1.2~rc1


If you made it down here and want to start contributing join us on matrix. We certainly welcome patches and issue comments on If you want to grab an issue and can’t think of a particular problem check the easy and helpwanted tags in our gitlab instance. See you next month.

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