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Todd Weaver

We received the Librem 15 rev2 (third) prototype August 13th (Thursday) of this week!

Purism Librem 15 rev2 open 1920x997

We wanted to get a quick post up that we did receive the Librem 15 rev2, and are beginning testing. We will be posting a lot more as we test through this prototype.

Oh, and yes that is 32GB (2 16GB sticks) that is working with the Intel i7-5557U.

To keep a running update on dates:

August 10th – Ship second prototype
August 13th – Receive third prototype (test)
August 17th – “green light” fabrication
August 20th – Todd on-site @ fabrication in Shenzhen
[3-4 weeks fabrication]
September [15th-20th] – Receive hardware for assembly
September [24th-28th] – Ship first orders of Librem 15 rev2

Thank you!

Todd Weaver & Purism Team

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