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Todd Weaver

The fabrication of the Librem 15 rev2 is underway. The first 50 or so will be light gray. We had to triage the second drive bay entirely, replacing that with the M.2 slot, we will be converting and updating all orders to the new, improved, and wickedly fast M.2 (NGFF) PCIe storage. The second battery was triaged entirely out of rev2, therefore we will work with any backers with that configuration on their options in the coming weeks via email.

August 10th – Ship second prototype
August 13th – Receive third prototype (test)
August 17th – “green light” fabrication
August 20th – Todd on-site @ fabrication in Shenzhen
week 1 fabrication
week 2 fabrication
week 3 fabrication
week 4 fabrication
September [15th-20th] – Receive hardware for assembly
September [24th-28th] – Ship first orders

Now that we have prototype hardware, we can add a known issues section this week, so we can update progress weekly as well:

Known Issues:

  1. Trackpad Driver
    • Current: ps/2 mouse capabilities
    • Future: multitouch
    • ETA: ~October
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Git (soon)
    • 2 devs
  2. Coreboot BIOS
    • Current: ~20%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~October
    • Where: BIOS
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Coreboot Blog, Git (soon)
    • 3 devs
  3. Hardware Kill Switches
    • Current: Webcam/Mic
    • Future: Webcam/Mic & NGFF (Wireless)
    • ETA: ~September 15
    • Where: Hardware
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • 3 devs
  4. Bluetooth (via daughter card)
    • Current: ~0%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~February 2016
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • 0 devs (If you’re interested in helping we can use it!)

Thank you!

Todd Weaver & Purism Team

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