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Todd Weaver

Founder and CEO
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Todd Weaver

We are planning on, for future revisions, moving the Hardware Kill Switches from the hinge cover, to the side of the case, and with that probably separating out the mic/camera while still combining the bluetooth/wireless. This proposed change would be for later versions if we do include it, so expect your orders to ship with the hinge cover kill switches originally planned.


Trackpad update, we have the initial gesture of two finger scrolling working, this also has removed a rather annoying issue of tap-to-click moving the mouse and focus clicking whenever a user’s palm rested on the trackpad. This is a huge step forward for the Linux kernel trackpad support in general, and we will be releasing this code under GPL 3.0, and working to have it included in the Linux kernel.

August 15 & 17th – “green light” fabrication
August 20th – Todd on-site @ fabrication in Shenzhen
week 1 fabrication
week 2 fabrication
week 3 fabrication
week 4 fabrication
delay of shipment (Librem 13) and solder pads (Librem 15)
September 22nd 25th – Librem 13 motherboard shipment
October 5th – Librem 13 assembly
October 12th – Ship Librem 13 (first orders)
October 6th – Librem 15 rev2 motherboard shipment
October 12th – Librem 15 rev2 assembly
October 19th – Librem 15 rev2 shipment (first orders)

Once we begin shipment, we will work through all the orders by complexity of configuration.

Known Issues:

  1. Trackpad Driver
    • Current: ps/2 mouse capabilities
    • Future: gesture
    • ETA: ~October (initial gestures supported)
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Git (soon)
    • 2 devs
  2. Unlocking the ME
    • Current: ~85%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~September
    • Where: BIOS
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Coreboot Blog
    • 2 devs
  3. Coreboot BIOS
    • Current: ~25%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~October
    • Where: BIOS
    • Source for Updates: Blog, Coreboot Blog, Git (soon)
    • 3 devs
  4. Hardware Kill Switches
    • Current: Webcam/Mic & NGFF (Wireless)
    • Future: DONE
    • ETA: September 11
    • Where: Hardware
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • 3 devs
  5. Bluetooth (via daughter card)
    • Current: ~0%
    • Future: 100%
    • ETA: ~February 2016
    • Where: Kernel Level Driver
    • Source for Updates: Blog
    • Note: This is for a free software kernel driver, not the binary blob
    • .25 devs (If you’re interested in helping we can use it!)

Thank you!

Todd Weaver & Purism Team

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