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It’s no secret that I will take any opportunity to look in the warped mirror of statistics to glean insights on myself. I did it before for squeekboard, and I dug into the prehistory of my browser tabs.

Recently, a new tool appeared, called Git-Heat-Map, and I asked the statistical crystal ball some questions.

Which files in squeekboard still bear the mark of the original Eekboard creator, Daiki Ueno?

Original Contributions

As proper, the copying file is all untouched by me. Only a couple of original .c files remain.

Which pureos/6.1 kernel files were modified by Angus, Guido, Martin, and Sebastian?

The Linux Kernel

See those specks of yellow in the ocean of gray? The kernel is big.

Millipixels is another project where we forked. Which files were modified by Dorota or Sebastian?

L5 team’s contributions to Millipixels

Turns out we put our fingers where it matters. But the color intensity is exaggerated, we didn’t rewrite those files completely. Look, they are still Martijn’s as well:


Finally, as a bonus, here’s the picture of the work-in-progress branch of libcamera that I’ve been developing for a while. My own stuff is highlighted.

Libcamera’s Crispy Project

Apart from the obvious red rectangles I built nearly from ground up, there are also random light touches here and there. They are either related to beating the build system into submission, or some forgotten, unneeded experiments.

I hope you enjoyed this bird’s view over some projects. Next time a new visualization comes up, do let me know!

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