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Todd Weaver

The Librem 5 USA is a remarkably secure mobile phone out of the box. The reasons for this are immense.

Starting at the hardware level, the Librem 5 USA has Made in USA electronics, where the mainboard PCBA and type-c PCBA are manufactured at the Purism facility in the United States of America.
That means we use a secure hardware supply chain. The Librem 5 USA has three hardware kill switches that sever the power to various circuits: Cellular Modem, WiFi-Bluetooth, and Microphone-Cameras. In this state, your phone is safely cut off from any outside attackers; when the power is severed these devices do not exist.The Librem 5 USA also isolates hardware components, so the cellular modem does not have access to memory nor CPU, and there are no pre-installed apps from cellular carriers on the phone, properly separating the phone carriers access to your personal data. In addition to a phone, the Librem 5 USA is a convenient connected encrypted storage device.
Powering up the device quickly shows the built-in security features, from fully auditable boot firmware to immediate disk decryption, the peace of mind the Librem 5 USA instills is unmistakable.The Librem 5 USA runs Purism’s PureOS Operating System, the first truly convergent operating system (it means it’s the same operating system that runs on our laptops, mini PC, and phone form factor – yes we beat Apple and Google to this goal by years).PureOS is also endorsed by the Free Software Foundation because all the source code is fully auditable ensuring the strongest possible security story—a trust and verify model for 100% of the code executing on the main CPU.
PureOS running a series of Purism invented and funded projects including phoc the graphic compositor, phosh the display interface, squeekboard the keyboard overlay, and libraries to make adaptive applications work on many form factors from the Librem 14 laptop to the Librem 5 USA phone.PureOS also includes Purism’s authored core applications like Calls that allows for phone calling as well as encrypted internet calling.
Chats that allows for SMS texting, MMS media messaging, as well as internet messaging via XMPP and the recently added Matrix.
PureOS when running on a mobile device like the Librem 5 USA utilizes the Purism invention of adaptive designed applications heavily. When PureOS is docked or running on a laptop or desktop screen these adaptive applications run in full desktop mode, when resized to a mobile form factor the same applications reduce in size and work flawlessly with touch events.

The Librem 5 USA running PureOS is incrementing its convenience daily and we suspect soon it will be your daily use phone offering you peace of mind that your digital life is fully protected while being able to participate in digital society to the fullest extent you desire.

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Purism Products and Availability Chart

 ModelStatusLead Time 
USB Security Token Purism Librem KeyLibrem Key

(Made in USA)
In Stock
45 business days
Librem 5In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 COMSEC BundleIn Stock
Qty 2; 3GB/32GB
10 business days
Librem 5 + SIMple
(3 GB Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 + SIMple Plus
(5 GB Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 5 + AweSIM
(Unlimited Data)
In Stock
10 business days
Librem 11In Stock
20 business days
Most Secure Laptop Purism Librem 14Librem 14In Stock
15 business days
Most Secure PC Purism Librem Mini
Librem MiniJune 2024
45 business days
Purism Liberty Phone with Made in USA ElectronicsLiberty Phone
(Made in USA Electronics)
June 2024
30 business days
Most Secure Server Purism Librem ServersLibrem ServerJune 2024
60 business days
The current product and shipping chart of Purism Librem products, updated on April 30th, 2024

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